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Zines by Jackie "Jackie's Guide to Making a Website (by you & for you)"

$17.00 USD / Sold Out

Hand assembled riso printed zine and digital edition bundle from Zines by Jackie.

Part comic book, part workbook, this zine is an informative guide for the beginning and most important stages of creating your first personal website. Framed with a personal narrative and interspersed with prototyping and design activities, the zine includes sections on brainstorming a narrative, researching web design fundamentals, prototyping a website design, and the next steps needed to bring it to life.

Zine is 5" x 7" and 28 pages. A digital edition is included and will be sent via email after purchase.

Jackie Liu is an artist and designer that works with comics, the web, and education. Throughout all of her work, she combines vulnerability, self-reflection, nostalgia, and humor to create safe spaces for others to know themselves better and thrive creativity.

"Zines by Jackie" is her effort to create such spaces in tech, design, and art. Developing an ongoing series, she hopes to create playful, welcoming, and socially-centered ways to learn about technology and our relationships to it.