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YAYA 涯涯 "mirror in the mirror" Comic Book

$27.00 USD / Sold Out

Comic book with original art and story by YAYA 涯涯. Mixing existential comics and poetry, this 68-page saga explores themes of self/other, love/loss, subject/object, and more. View a digital preview here.

Completed & released in February 2020. 2nd print edition through Quiet Year, October 2020.

5.5" x 8.5" softcover book. Black and white prints with semi gloss finish. 68 pages.

YAYA 涯涯 is a catboy hitogoroshi multimedia artist based in LA. they weave post-anime illustrations, animations, poetry, music, and performance into abstracted narratives about alienation, rage, grief, loss, selfhood, and the intimacy of violence. he also likes motorcycles and knives.

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