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Skullfucked Plated O-ring Collar

$55.00 USD / Sold Out

Adjustable chain collar from Skullfucked featuring a 2.5 inch o-ring installed on a metal plate.

Fits 14 to 16.5 inches. Each piece is handmade and may vary from each other.

Daiju Edwards is the designer fucking skulls behind Skullfucked. Their influences are deeply rooted in eroticism, horror, and dreaming. These themes carry over through their work in various forms of media such as filmmaking, music, and writing.

Skullfucked is a goth inspired brand where fetish meets function and versatility. These pieces are designed to be layered to keep you connected to the necessities in your life - whether it's your keys, pepper spray, or the leash of a lover. This is to leave you feeling playful, powerful, and protected in your chain wear.