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virtualgoodsdealer x bod [包家巷] version 2

$125.00 USD

Designed in collaboration with artist bod [包家巷] for the release of their album Music For Self Esteem.
Black pull over hoodie with hand screen printed green and grey details. Each garment is hand printed to order and may vary in appearance.

This is a preorder. Item will ship out up to 4 weeks after purchase.

bod [包家巷] is an audiovisual artist from Tucson, AZ based in Berlin. Their work develops out of a philosophy of spatiotemporal collapse and being stupid in the face of terror.

Music for Self Esteem is an upcoming 37 track album by bod [包家巷], dedicated to the people who made their music career possible and the birth of a new concept (self-esteem) in their lives.

Sizing chart (inches):
Chest: 46 - 48
Waist: 40 - 42
Neck: 17 - 17.5
Sleeve: 35 - 35.5
Chest: 50 - 52
Waist: 44 - 46
Neck: 18 - 18.5
Sleeve: 35.5 - 36
Chest: 54 - 56
Waist: 48 - 50
Neck: 19 - 19.5
Sleeve: 36 - 36.5

Model is wearing size 2XL

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