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meme_for_speed x demonmercenary "somic cans" custom tee

$45.00 USD / Sold Out

Custom t-shirts originally created as a collaboration between meme_for_speed (Hubert Obasanya) and demonmercenary in October 2021. These shirts feature a "somic cans" graphic designed by Hubert printed on a purple cotton T-shirt and one of a kind customization by demonmercenary and Hubert. Currently, there are 3 customized shirts, each with unique elements including bleaching, cut & tie, and embellishments.

Hubert's sudden passing is a great loss to our community. By featuring these shirts in our shop, we aim to help get Hubert's creative work out in the world because they are no longer able to do so. This project was a collaboration that both Hubert and demonmercenary worked hard on before Hubert's passing and we hope that you will enjoy these designs.

Tie back version:
Bleach tie dye and cut & tie customization down the back. Size Small T-shirt. Sizing on this shirt may be smaller than the original S size due to customization.

Bleach check version:
Bleach painted checkerboard background around "somic cans" graphic. Demonmercenary and meme_for_speed text bleach painted on back. Size Large T-shirt. Cropped.

Metal charm version:
Bleach tie dye, cut & tie customization, and wing shaped metal charm embellishments on front. Hand drawn "Meme 4 Speed" graphic and demonmercenary text on back. Size Large T-shirt. Cropped.

Each shirt varies from each other and is as pictured.

Please allow up to 10 days for your order to be shipped.

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