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Hillary R Sticker Pack

$12.00 USD / Sold Out

Pack of 3 stickers of original artwork by Hillary R.
One 4" x 3.5" matte finish sticker, one 4" x 3.25" die cut matte finish sticker, and one 3.5" x 4" holographic vinyl sticker.

"3D characters created in an virtual realm and brought into the physical for a limited time only<3 Collect them all! Each character comes from a different world and is inspired by retro videogame graphics. Eye Guy, Mr. DJ, and Space Cadet would love co-habitat in your space >___<." - Hillary R

Hillary is a digital artist based in Washington, DC. She is drawn to the aesthetic of creating weightlessness. The world acts as a surrealist escape from reality, where the world is entirely created from her imagination.